Edgewood Featured in Jones Dairy Farm Commercials

Edgewood Serves as the Backdrop for a Series of Commercials
Jones Dairy Farm CommercialEdgewood was selected by Mirror34, a local video production company, as the backdrop for a series of commercials this past fall. 

The commercials, which feature Jones Dairy Farm's sausage, take place in three locations on campus: the Commons, the Auditorium, and in a science lab. The school was chosen because it provided interesting backgrounds while also having a variety of settings. The fourth commercial, which features a gymnast, was shot at a local gym. 

The commercials ask the viewer to "check the label" for quality ingredients. Each spot features a different way to accomplish this task, whether by juggling, flipping, or using a robot to do the work. The commercials will be on social media in other markets first and will eventually be shown locally. 

The commercials can be viewed by clicking below.

How Do Kids Flip the Box?

How Does a Juggler Check the Label?

How Does a Robot Operator Check the Label?