High School Experience FAQs

Below is a list of questions commonly asked by prospective parents and students. Please feel free to contact us or view the School FAQ page if you have additional questions.

How large is the school?

Our enrollment varies from year to year, however in recent years have had between 500 and 600 students enrolled. Each grade level averages about 150 students, with 18 to 22 in each class.

How diverse is Edgewood High?

About 15% percent of Edgewood’s American students are of Asian, African, Hispanic, Native American, or mixed heritage, a similar percentage to the Dane County metropolitan area from which the school draws its enrollment. EHS has seen continued growth in diversity over the last decade. In addition, about 5% of the students are from other nations, mostly in Asia.

What is FIT?

Freshmen participate in the Freshman Interdisciplinary Team, or FIT program. FIT establishes the building blocks of critical thinking, analytical reading, and effective writing and communication. Socially, FIT ensures students make an immediate connection with a consistent group of classmates and, by rotating class groupings throughout their freshman year, they meet most of the other freshmen. FIT also allows teachers and counselors to collaborate and keep an eye out for challenges any students may experience. Take a look at our FIT page for more information.

How does EHS prepare freshman students for the high school environment?

On the first day of school, freshmen go through a thorough orientation. A trained group of upperclassmen, the “LINK Crew,” helps with the transition. Freshmen meet their FIT teachers, tour the campus, learn what to expect, and receive tips for success. The orientation is designed to help students feel at ease both with one another and with teachers. Freshmen receive further information about procedures in the first several days of FIT classes, as well as in regular Group Guidance led by counselors.

Are students required to wear uniforms?

EHS does not require uniforms, but students adhere to a dress code and there are “dress-up days” throughout the year for special in-school gatherings and for athletes and other students as ambassadors of the school. Clothing may not pose a distraction to the learning environment. For detailed information about the dress policy, please review the Student Handbook.

Is transportation available for my child?

City buses drop off and pick up students directly in front of our school. Carpooling is also common; however, we do not offer any other form of transportation. We do have a parking lot for upperclassmen who wish to drive to school. Parking on campus is limited; we grant permits first to seniors, then to juniors.

Do you accept students who are not Catholic?

Absolutely. In any given year, an average of 33% of our students are non-Catholic, representing a diverse group of Christians and others. Catholic means universal, and it has been within our mission since our origin in 1881 to welcome students of all faiths. We teach our students about Catholicism, but we do not require them to become Catholic. Liturgies are all-school; the messages shared address and are appropriate for the school community as a whole. We encourage students to reflect on and share their own faith traditions as an impetus for community and fulfillment.

Does EHS require service hours?

We firmly believe that through service students experience many ways to love their neighbor in need. We require students to complete 100 hours prior to graduation—10 hours in their freshman year, and 30 hours in each subsequent year. We find that most students complete more than twice the requirement by graduation.