School-Related Tax Savings

School-Related Tax Savings

Your family may want to take advantage of these limited-time opportunities to save!

Wisconsin’s Child Tax Rebate
Wisconsin is offering a $100 sales tax “rebate” for the cost of raising your child during 2017. The rebate can only be claimed for children who were:

  • under age 18 as of Dec 31, 2017
  • US citizens and Wisconsin residents as of Dec 31, 2017
  • claimed as dependents for the 2017 tax year
  • Only one person can claim the rebate for any one child.
Qualifying participants must apply for the rebate by July 2, 2018 at or via phone at 608.266.KIDS.

Sales Tax Holiday
Wisconsin has declared a sales tax holiday, Wed-Sun, August 1-5, 2018. During this period, a variety of items purchased for personal use will not be subject to sales tax, including the following materials:

  • Clothing priced $75 or less per item
  • School supplies priced $75 or less per item
  • Computers for personal use priced $750 or less
  • School computer supplies for personal use, priced $250 or less per item

Note: Some back-to-school items will remain subject to sales tax during this holiday. Additional information, including FAQs and more in-depth lists of tax-exempt items can be found at